Parking Lots

Parking is included at no charge for event attendees. However if you wish to use the Convention Center Parking Lot for an event, rental rates are calculated based on $.05 per gross square foot per day.

Parking areas may also be used in conjunction with rental of Exhibit Hall for additional exhibition space, with prior approval by Director of McAllen Convention Facilities Department. Rental includes barricade of vehicular entrances only.

Additional equipment and services available at listed rates. (Subject to main traffic flow and disruption of scheduled activities of the Main Building)

Parking Lot Rental Rates
Lot Class I Class II Class III 90 Day 60 Day 30 Day
For more information on Rate Classes, view our Rates & Fees
Lot A $1,700 $1,360 $1,275 $1,190 $1,020 $850
Lot B $1,800 $1,440 $1,350 $1,260 $1,080 $900
Lot C $1,200 $960 $900 $840 $720 $600
Lot D $400 $320 $300 $280 $240 $200
Lot E $1,500 $1,200 $1,125 $1,050 $900 $750

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