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Centerplate is the exclusive caterer and concessionaire of the McAllen Convention Center. Centerplate is one of the largest hospitality companies in the world and is dedicated to delivering craveable experiences.  What they do best is combine their culinary talent with extensive management experience to ensure that every guest at every event is treated to a unique experience that can’t be duplicated anywhere else.


  • A 90% deposit and signed Catering Services Agreement is due 30 days prior to the start of your event(s).
  • The remaining balance will be due five (5) business days prior to the start of your event.
  • For Social Events (non-convention related), a 25% deposit and a signed Catering Services Agreement is due by the date at the bottom of this contract. An additional deposit of 50% of the total estimated food and beverage expenditures is required 45 days in advance of the event(s). The remaining balance of payment is required 72 hours (excluding holidays and weekends) prior to the event(s) by either cashier’s check or credit card. Any additional amounts due Caterer from Customer based on any variable and other charges payable pursuant to this Agreement will be determined following the event(s). All such amounts shall be made payable at the event(s) conclusion by credit card. Customer agrees to allow the Caterer to process this payment based on the attached authorization.


Seven (7) business days prior to the event (Monday through Friday), please advise the catering office of the exact number of guests attending. This number will constitute the guarantee, not subject to reduction, and charges will be made accordingly. The food and beverage department can provide meals for 5% over the guarantee, up to a maximum of 30 meals (client to be charged for any overage required).

Price Guarantee

Prices will be guaranteed three (3) months prior to the event.

Specialty Events

Mean functions of 1,000 guests and above are considered “specialty events” and may require customized menus not in our guide. Your catering sales manager will work with you to design menus that are creative and logistically appropriate for large numbers. In certain cases, additional labor and equipment fees may be applied to orchestrate such events.

Cancellation Policy

In the instance that the function(s) is cancelled within 45 days of the start of the event, the deposit(s) will not be returned. Full charges will be applied to cancellation of food and beverage services received within 72 hours prior to the start of the function.

Taxes and Service Charges

The applicable Texas sales tax (8.25%) will be applied to all food, beverage, labor, equipment rentals, and service charges. A 19% service charge will apply to all food, beverage, and labor charges.


There will be an automatic additional labor fee for food and beverage service or preparatory days on the following holidays: New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Day, President’s Day, Cesar Chavez Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

Delayed Service

On the day of the event, if the agreed upon beginning or ending service time of your meal changes by 30 minutes or more, an additional labor charge will apply.

Concession Policies

Centerplate, the exclusive caterer and concessionaire, must provide catering services for all events held in the McAllen Convention Center. Call (956) 681-3863 for more information.

  • In order for Centerplate to open food concessions, there is a minimum food and beverage sales of $350.00 for 4 hours per day that must be met. Should this quantity not be met, the client will be responsible to pay the difference. Any additional hour for concession to be open will be at a cost of $150 per hour.
  • Client must advice Centerplate/McAllen Convention Center management of all food vendors/exhibitors wanting to participate in the trade show detailing what food products will be potentially sold or given. Centerplate/McAllen Convention Center management will review the list of exhibitors and a decision will be made to allow potential exhibitor to participate in the trade show. Centerplate/Mcallen Convention Center reserves the right to decline the participation of vendors. Vendors that are approved to participate will incur a participation fee payable to Centerplate of $200 per day for the duration of the expo or trade show.
  • Any food vendor wanting to sell packaged food must have the product packaged so the customer cannot eat that product during the show; product must be consumed outside of the McAllen Convention Center.
  • Any food vendor that participates in a show and is not selling food or beverages will be allowed to give samples in no more than 2 oz. portions.
  • Move-in and move-out days: outside food and beverage are not allowed in the facility. We can provide boxed lunches or meals for exhibitors by order and payment guarantee of event organizer.

Alcoholic Beverages

  • Alcoholic beverages may be served within the facilities during certain events (i.e. dances, receptions).
  • Centerplate, the exclusive caterer and concessionaire, must provide the service and sale (concession) of food and beverage, including alcohol, for all events in the McAllen Convention Center. Feel free to contact a Centerplate representative for more information at (956) 681-3863.
  • McAllen Convention Center clients are responsible for security comprised of off-duty McAllen Police Department officers at any event in which alcohol is being served or sold. The final number of officers is determined solely by the McAllen PD based on event requirements. The McAllen Convention Center clients can contact the McAllen PD directly at (956) 681-2203 for more information or to make arrangements.
  • BYOB (Bring You Own Bottle) functions are strictly prohibited.

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