Civic Center Auditorium

The Auditorium at the McAllen Civic Center remains in service at the 1300 S. 10th Street (Northwest corner of 10th St and Expressway 83), available for hosting a variety of cultural and entertainment events.


McAllen Civic Auditorium
1300 S. 10th St
McAllen, TX 78501
(956) 681-3800

Auditorium Rental Information

Event staffing, negotiable rates, and special rental packages are available.


  • Covered patio access to auditorium
  • Air-conditioned throughout – dressing rooms controlled collectively
  • Spacious Lobby
  • Box-Office located in patio
  • Handicap access
  • Excellent acoustics
  • 22,386 square feet


  • 1,776 opera-style upholstered seats (no balcony) with 4 carpeted aisles

Orchestra Pit

  • 8’ W x 65 ’ L x 6’ H (orchestra pit to stage floor and to audience level 2’5”

Stage Floor

  • 80’ W x 43’ D Hard wood floor ( 35’ depth from house main curtain )
  • Crossover space upstage between upstage and back wall is 18’ 6”
  • Height from stage floor to house floor 3’ 7”
  • Height from stage floor to orchestra pit floor 6’

Stage Wings

  • Right wings 10’
  • Left wings 19’


  • 60’ W x 60’ H
  • Grid height 48’ 8”
  • Height at apex 25’
  • Height at sides 23’
  • Proscenium line to backstage 35’
  • Proscenium line to back wall 54’
  • Proscenium line to apron apex 8’

Pinrail system

  • Batten quantity – 37
  • 63’ 6” long
  • House has 8,535 lbs of free weight (33 lb and 15 lb increments)

Loading & Unloading

  • Door 18’ W x 20’ H
  • Stage level dock 7’ 4” W at floor level
  • Truck dock 10’ x 3’ 6” H

Sound & Lighting

Please call (956) 681-3800 for more information

Rates & Fees

The McAllen Civic Center Auditorium is a great setting for your next event. The facility seats up to 1,776 opera style, a U.N. type Broadway stage and excellent acoustics.

McAllen Civic Center Auditorium Rental Rates
Service Commercial Non-Profit
Auditorium Rental
(per day)
$1,000.00 $800.00
Additional time
(per hour)
$150.00 $150.00
6 Required
$12.50 per hour
4 hour minimum
$12.50 per hour
4 hour minimum
Ticket Takers
2 Required
$12.50 per hour
2 hour minimum
$12.50 per hour
2 hour minimum
3 Required
$15.00 per hour
4 hour minimum
$15.00 per hour
4 hour minimum
Off-Duty Police
2 Required
$25.00 per hour $25.00 per hour
Stage Technician Please Call for Details
Spotlight Technician Please Call for Details


The McAllen Civic Center Auditorium will hold a date for a maximum of 90 days unless challenged. If challenged you have three working days to confirm or release the date.

After 90 days a contract and a non-refundable deposit must be issued to confirm the date. A maximum of two days a month will be held as “first hold”. Any additional dates will be placed as “second hold”.

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